Stylish Website Redesign for Melissa K. Wright Design

Melissa Wright of Melissa K. Wright Design reached out to me for help with her website. She had been using a template site provided by her host and was really feeling constrained by the limitations. In addition she was in the process of shifting her business model  from focusing on Home Staging to Home Styling. She has many great customers wanting her to furnish and style their homes and wanted her website to reflect this exciting service. She also wanted a trendy one-page site template.

I first moved her to the WordPress platform. Then I researched several One-pager WordPress themes before we found the perfect one! Then it was just a matter of building the site. Melissa has great creativity and ‘do it’ ness so I walked her through how to make changes to the site directly rather than sending me changes to make. She was quickly in the site making updates and modifications herself, referring the most challenging tasks to me to figure out and train back to her. This arrangement brought her site to completion a lot faster and in the end we have a super one-pager site that reflects Melissa’s personality, links to her social media, showcases her beautiful work and can grow with her!

Take a look at the Melissa K. Wright Design website.