Each project is unique and my rates vary depending on the needs of my clients. So no, I can’t give you an exact cost for your project until I have a discussion with you about what you need, but you can be assured that my rates won’t break the bank. My projects are scalable to meet your needs and your level of involvement. I can tell you this… I have done projects for other small businesses that have ranged from $50 to $3500 and most projects are under $1500.

I begin each project with a FREE consultation. Let’s talk about your business goals. Let’s formulate a plan. Next I provide a project proposal. Usually my proposals include several options allowing you to choose the option that best suits you. Once you’ve made your choices, the proposal becomes the project plan and you know – up front – what to expect for costs. I do not bill for time and materials. All costs are identified prior to beginning the project. Should the scope of the project change, any additional costs are spelled out before we proceed with the project.  We will finish within budget every time, as a result. Let’s talk.