Member Management for Central Florida Turf Managers Association

Our local Turf Managers Association Board called me in to discuss some member-management inefficiencies in their organization. This all-volunteer board was in need of some time saving mechanisms and ease of transfer with the annual Board elections and transition to a new Board. I recommended MembershipWorks (formerly MembershipWorks enables online registrations and renewals, a member directory, an event calendar and online payment of event tickets. On the admin side, the Board can view financial reports, while the system handles auto emails to members about their membership renewal. Completely customizable, MembershipWorks streamlines many of the member- management functions.

I also recommended MailChimp for email marketing. MailChimp allows scheduling of notifications which allows Board volunteers to plan communications once a month rather than weekly. In addition MailChimp abides by anti-spam laws.

Our project took several months. Over that time, I was able to implement both MemberShip Works and MailChimp. I migrated over 800 contacts from Google to MailChimp while maintaining member categorization. Members were directed to the site to renew and within 3 months of launch over 100 of their 130 members had joined online.