From Drab to Fab: Entryway Landing

My townhome entryway presents a challenge in that as soon as you enter the front door, you ascend a flight of stairs to the living area. The stairs have a landing and 90-degree turn half way up. Visually that landing has been a blank wall of boring for the last two years! Not very inviting or welcoming. My house will always be a work in progress, but this one has been bothering me for quite awhile.

I had of course been Pinteresting several ideas for my entryway. I had purchased a cute table from Home Goods awhile ago and at one point had the perfect picture and repurposed frame ready to paint and hang, but then changed my mind. But I was essentially stuck on this project with lots of ideas.

With a free morning on a recent vacation week and my mom visiting, I did what every creative girl does… consulted my favorite Pinterest ideas, picked up my Mom and headed to Old Thyme Pottery with a budget in hand. We had such a good time!

We wandered first down the sign aisle and came upon a pretty Welcome sign. We weren’t sure if we’d put it on the table or hang it above the wall art, but we knew we wanted to use it somewhere.

Armed with our new sign,  we tackled the wall… what would we hang? A picture? A mirror?  The front door has windows above and on one side so the landing gets good light in the morning, but tends to get dark in the afternoon. We decided to go with a mirror to help lighten up the space all day. We knew we wanted something no wider than the table. We made a selection of a pretty mirror similar in color to the table.

I knew I wanted some flowers. One of my Pins had yellow flowers and that’s what I was primarily envisioning until Mom mentioned that Coral would be a pretty color. Hmmm…. I liked that idea! I grabbed some pretty (and expensive stems) and we spent WAY to much time in the vase section. I wanted something clear all the way through, Mom didn’t like seeing the stems… we compromised and got a vase with a clear to smoky grey gradient. We were both happy!

I had really wanted to add a lamp to the table, but there is no outlet on the landing. I had seen many hurricane lamps in my Pins and we thought about an LED candle to put in it. We found a really pretty white Hurricane lamp too!

Lastly, I had seen some really cute last name letters on some of my Pins. We found a cute Hollywood style N with the little light bulbs and everything! Just to make sure we were imagining it all we commandeered a slice of an aisle and ‘set up’ our finds to resemble how we would position everything once we got home.  So Fun! We made a few adjustments, purchased our items and went home to set it all up.

In the end we decided not to light up the N. The Hollywood lights were really bright, especially next to the LED candle. The LED candle is a warm glow when you enter the house and I’m happy remembering the fun Mom and I had every time I enter the house. I love it.