Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket


Over the years I have come across many a small business owner who put all of his eggs in one basket when it came to marketing his business. Sometimes all marketing efforts were focused on advertising. Sometimes it was a website developed by the kid down the street. Sometimes it was a business card. Low and behold time went by and the business owner wondered about the return on investment of his efforts. He’d get frustrated because he didn’t see any results from his single approach effort and then he’d stop marketing all together. ‘Marketing doesn’t work!’ he would say. ‘It’s just a waste of money’ were his cries.

Has this been you over the years? Are you frustrated because you want to grow your business, but your marketing efforts never seem to work? I challenge you to consider a multi-branched approach to marketing your business. Advertising, websites, direct mail, networking, brochures, etc are all ways in which you can promote your business. I encourage you to invest in a comprehensive, professional web site as the most important tool in your marketing arsenal save the business card, of course. Once you have a web site, make sure your website provides information about who you are, what your products or services are, how to contact you, why people have purchased from you in the past, and the types of problems your product or service has solved.

Next consider how you can spread the word about your business. How can you get your business name in front of the people who are your target customers? Do you know who your target customers are? If not, define your target customers today. Make a list of the ways you can get in front of these target customers. Can you write an article for the newspaper? Is there a specialty magazine you can advertise in?  Can you join an association? Join a networking group? Attend a tradeshow? Make a brochure? Sponsor a local team? Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful type of marketing there is. You want people to refer you. So get out there in front of your target audience and develop relationships. Let them know that you are the best person for the job. And once you get in front of them, stay in front of them. They may not need your service now, but they will. Make sure every piece of marketing you put forth includes your web address so when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you. People want to buy from companies that are reliable, dependable and who provide quality and value. Let that company be yours.