MiLo Watersports Launches Marketing Campaign


Having recently acquired Rapid Boat Rentals in Summerland Key, FL, MiLo Watersports was in need of a complete branding launch and marketing campaign. Tina Newberry Designs stepped in and first established the company logo and colors. From there business cards, roadside banners, t-shirts, vehicle magnets and a website were developed. in all cases the logo was displayed and the website listed. Next, the customer reservation and registration forms were redesigned in Microsoft Word to enable easy updates and to display the company logo.  With the initial materials in place, Tina Newberry Designs set to establishing a web presence. Knowing it takes several months for search engines to index websites, Tina Newberry Designs took on two Google Ad pay-per click campaigns. The first ad campaign is on Google Places and relates to a visitors physical location. If the potential customer is in the lower Keys or searches for places in the lower Keys, the MiLo listing is present and banner ads are displayed. The second campaign revolves around boat rentals or kayak rentals in the lower Keys or Summerland Key area. Combined the two campaigns average 5-6 clicks per day and in the first week resulted in $2000 worth of business for MiLo Watersports.