Coffee Break Blog

The Coffee Break Blog was started a long time ago... when I actually drank coffee. But the concept is still there. Hopefully when you get a minute for your morning coffee break, you find something interesting to read here.


  • The Cotton Candy Effect

    The Cotton Candy Effect

    When I was a kid, going to the fair was a special treat that came each fall. Looking forward to the fair- for us it was the Deerfield Fair- started as soon as the weather turned in mid-September. Dad would pull the pumpkins from the garden and we knew it was soon to going toRead More »
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    You know the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? It’s who you know is all about word-of-mouth marketing. Earlier this week I needed: To hire a realtor To hire an electrician and To conduct market research My search for the realtor began on the local Chamber of Commerce site for theRead More »
  • Making the Most of Your Tradeshow

    Making the Most of Your Tradeshow

    Participating in a tradeshow, craft fair or other similar venue, can be a daunting task for small business owners, not only because they can be expensive, but also because you’re essentially buying a small piece of real estate and creating a storefront for the length of the show, which can sometimes be out of yourRead More »
  • The 30-second Commercial

    The 30-second Commercial

    I had the pleasure of attending a business leaders meeting in my community last week. The meeting was very informative. I was able to learn about 50 businesses in my local community. We each had a chance to give our ’30-second commercial’.  Think of the 30-second commercial as the opportunity to tell potential leads orRead More »
  • Assessing Your Marketing Efforts- Part 2:  Setting Achievable Goals

    Assessing Your Marketing Efforts- Part 2:  Setting Achievable Goals

    In Assessing Your Marketing Efforts- Part 1: Putting the Cart Before the Horse, I talked about defining goals and making a plan to achieve them. So let’s talk about that for a bit. Whether you’re trying to grow your business, expand your sales territory, plan for the long-term, or even lose weight setting achievable goalsRead More »
  • Are you Making the Team?

    Are you Making the Team?

    OnDemand television brings me to places I’ve never been before. I was show surfing and came across Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 8.  I’m not the cheerleader sort. Although I did get ‘most school spirit’ in high school, grace is not my middle name. I have always envied the musicality, cheerfulness and strength ofRead More »