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The Coffee Break Blog was started a long time ago... when I actually drank coffee. But the concept is still there. Hopefully when you get a minute for your morning coffee break, you find something interesting to read here.


  • The Problem with ‘No Problem’

    The Problem with ‘No Problem’

    Awhile back I was at a restaurant. My food was served, but my allotted fork was dirty. I waited patiently for my server to return so I could request a new fork. Eventually, he returned and I made my request. Again, eventually he returned. When I said, “Thank you”, he said, “No problem”. The problemRead More »
  • Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

    Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

    Over the years I have come across many a small business owner who put all of his eggs in one basket when it came to marketing his business. Sometimes all marketing efforts were focused on advertising. Sometimes it was a website developed by the kid down the street. Sometimes it was a business card. LowRead More »
  • You Get What You Put Into It

    You Get What You Put Into It

    As with most things in life, you get what you put into an association or chamber membership. I’ve known a lot of people who have joined an association or chamber of commerce strictly to have something they can list for community involvement. I too have joined in the past just to say I was aRead More »
  • NASW-NH Redesigns Website

    NASW-NH Redesigns Website

      Tina Newberry Designs has had the pleasure of managing the website for the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. The site has been a conduit of information for new and current members for over ten years. Web technology changes so frequently that best practices dictate web redesigns every 18 toRead More »
  • MiLo Watersports Launches Marketing Campaign

    MiLo Watersports Launches Marketing Campaign

      Having recently acquired Rapid Boat Rentals in Summerland Key, FL, MiLo Watersports was in need of a complete branding launch and marketing campaign. Tina Newberry Designs stepped in and first established the company logo and colors. From there business cards, roadside banners, t-shirts, vehicle magnets and a website were developed. in all cases theRead More »
  • William T. Wormell, LLS Launches Website

    William T. Wormell, LLS Launches Website

    Bill Wormell has been surveying land for over 40 years. He has an excellent reputation in his community and over the bulk of his career he has generated business through word-of-mouth. Many years ago, Bill participate in the Planning Board in his community and through his volunteer efforts he met many potential customers. As timeRead More »