What To Do When Expected Outcomes Fall Short

So there you are working with someone on a project. In your mind everything is going smoothly. You’ve locked arms and are walking down the yellow brick road to success and happiness. Until…. you’re not. Suddenly, things start to go awry. Deadlines are missed or the deliverable isn’t quite what you expected or you’re at […]

How Convenient is it For Customers to Buy From You?

Many small business owners wear many hats. You are Managers of raw materials, production, distribution, marketing, accounting, and human resources to name a few. It can be tough to keep it all together on any given day and sometimes it feels like a miracle you’re making it. (Salute to you! You’ve made it this far.) […]

Stylish Website Redesign for Melissa K. Wright Design

Melissa Wright of Melissa K. Wright Design reached out to me for help with her website. She had been using a template site provided by her host and was really feeling constrained by the limitations. In addition she was in the process of shifting her business model  from focusing on Home Staging to Home Styling. […]

Fresh First Website for Turf Fashions

Family-owned Turf Fashions has been providing turf services in their local area for many years without a website. Their reputation for quality fertilization, weed and insect control, detailed landscape designs, and hardscape, landscape lighting, and aquascapes speaks for itself and they’ve grown their business through referrals and physical visibility. Their brightly colored logo, clean white trucks and […]